No more plastic wraps in your kitchen! 

Plastic has become one of the most utilized materials since the 20th century. Its lightweight, durability and low cost has made it extremely useful to us, therefore we let it serve us in every aspect of life. However, the very properties that made plastic desirable also made it not only detrimental to the environment, but also eventually harmful to people’s wellbeing. The plastic soup in the ocean suffocates the marine life, and often ends up in the fish on our plates; moreover, extraction of fossil fuel (origin of plastic) causes greenhouse effect that makes our climate extreme and sea level rise.

We all know that it’s time to reconsider plastic’s role in our society, but the problem is: how can we live without the convenience it has accustomed us to for so long? Well, maybe if we could go back in time and get some inspirations from the people lived in the pre-plastic times…

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The King of Thailand has a message for you

This article was published earlier on Sustainable Brands.

In the midst of talks on “marketing”, “driving business forward” and “creating competitive advantages”, Sirikul (the Brandbeing Consultant & TSDF) started her talk with a simple request: “Smile.”

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It’s time to be bold for ethical fashion

“We thought about changing it… maybe it’s too provocative,” said Sara, business manager of “THRIVE”, an ethical fashion store in Gothenburg, as she caught me chuckling at their branded tote bag that reads “#FUCK FAST FASHION”.

Then she added “but we really want to take a stand for ethical fashion, cuz it’s time.”

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Less is more: A touch of oriental wisdom- personal takeaway from Iclei Berlin Smart City 2.0 Conference:

The “Smart City 2.0” was a two day event filled with inspiring sustainable urban development stories from cities and districts all over the world. Among all the interesting, heart warming and “smart” presentations, the most thought-provoking to me is probably the one from the South Korean District, Jongno. They didn’t come with a tale about their achievement in waste management, smart technology implementation or ecosystem recovery like many other. Instead Jongno got everyone’s attention with this unique proposal: EMPTYING the city for better quality of life.

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Practical ideas on reducing food waste

I always thought that I am pretty good at reducing waste but still watching this made me reflect. It is most shocking to hear produce sellers explain how the less-perfect looking ones and the last perfect looking one on the shelf usually just get wasted because no one wants them….it’s really not much of an issue back home, especially at the farmers’ markets, the leftovers still got sold, at slightly lower price, then everyone is happy. But I guess that can’t happen in supermarkets? That’s quite wrong. Continue reading