Eccentrade Hackathon: IT meets sustainability

If you are reading this blog, chances are you don’t live under a rock and are a relatively savvy internet user. Then maybe it’s safe to assume that you, just like me, have been feeling the necessity to learn some sort of “IT stuff” to adapt to the present and future digital economy. But I, for one have been long waiting for this urge of taking up a new learning challenge to reach its full power.

Well, the moment finally came for me…

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Words of a poet to help you through dark times

“We Were Made For These Times”

— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Recently, “Brexit”, Trump, terrorist attacks have really sent me down the emotional rabbit hole. It felt like the world is truly going crazy. Then I came across these beautiful words of encouragement from a poet, which served like a great meditation session.

Well, if bigotry, stupidity, and racism are the big evils our generation have to fight against when we are not busy stopping environmental catastrophes, so be it. As ignorance, fear, anger and the tendency to blame other might be the shortcomings of the human kind since the dawn of time, then every generation of us are made for these times.

Enjoy the essay.

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What makes a place home?

Just had a brief thought about this as I was landing in Schiphol and getting a feeling like I was visiting home. What makes the Netherlands feel like home to me?

I have been moving to a new country about every year for the past 6 years for studying, and now I’m acquainted to the process of getting used to new places:

  • struggling with the bureaucracy about visa thanks to my Chinese passport;
  • arranging studies and housing;
  • getting local ID, student card, bus card, library card, bank account;
  • have a local sim card, know the best data plan and how to top up;
  • slowly learning where things are: cheapest grocery, bus/bike/tram routes, fastest way to class, where good food can be expected;
  • making some new friends, this is probably the most important. Sometimes it’s effortless, but other times impossible…

Once through this process, I more or less call a place “home”.

But how long can this title last? Maybe only until more than three of the above becomes invalid, then it becomes “just a place I used to live”.

“Fixed vs. Growth”

Read this super cool article Fixed vs. Growth: The Two Basic Mindsets That Shape Our Lives the other day, and shared it with some friends who told me that they also found themselves resonating with it. After poking around the topic, I started reading the book introduced in the article, Mindset by Carol Dweck and decided to share some notes here with people who have the desire to be better as a person and to achieve something.

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