Monthly Archive: March, 2018

A triple bottom line entrepreneur

Claudia Szerakowski is an entrepreneur with a mission – to offer an alternative to the linear fast fashion industry.
She moved from the US to Europe for her MIND journey (2015-17). After completing her thesis with IKEA, she went on a new adventure with her business partners. She’s determined to find a business solution to some of our most urgent environmental issues, that is before she retires to become a Greenpeace granny activist.

A “counter-mainstream” move: from management consulting to international development

Joanne Lu is one of the most brilliant people I’ve ever met. We worked together for EMF’s China Circular Economy project while she was an analyst from a top consulting firm.
Little did we know back then how much impact such a brief interaction would have on both of our lives. I could write another blog about the things I’ve learned from her, but here is her story.