The King of Thailand has a message for you

This article was published earlier on Sustainable Brands.

In the midst of talks on “marketing”, “driving business forward” and “creating competitive advantages”, Sirikul (the Brandbeing Consultant & TSDF) started her talk with a simple request: “Smile.”

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Virtual Reality brings sustainable brand stories to life

This article was earlier edited and published on Sustainable Brands.

Imagine yourself on top of an offshore wind turbine, feeling the strong wind in your hair and the vibration from the powerful movement of the blades, looking out into the endless blue ocean decorated not by black smoke but only white glistening turbines.

Thanks for Dong Energy’s recent venture into the realm of VR, You can now FEEL the greenness of wind energy. This morning at  SB’16 Copenhagen, Filip Engel, head of Dong Energy Group Sustainability was joined by Ryan Belle from VRScout to show us VR’s transformational power in sustainability communication.

See for yourself

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Chalmers students lighting up Tanzanian hospital operating rooms

Imagine you are an ophthalmologist in the middle of a surgery doing delicate work to save a patient’s vision, suddenly the power went out… The operating room is in total darkness and you don’t dare to move even a finger until someone comes with a flashlight…

Nobody would want to be in that doctor’s shoes. Well, maybe except for the patient on the operating table…

Unfortunately, power outrage happens more often than desired in the underdeveloped regions of the world. For example, Kolandoto hospital in the Shinyanga district of Tanzania suffered from incidents like this about twice a week, which is twice a week too often and greatly interrupted the activities in the operating rooms… 

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Eccentrade Hackathon: IT meets sustainability

If you are reading this blog, chances are you don’t live under a rock and are a relatively savvy internet user. Then maybe it’s safe to assume that you, just like me, have been feeling the necessity to learn some sort of “IT stuff” to adapt to the present and future digital economy. But I, for one have been long waiting for this urge of taking up a new learning challenge to reach its full power.

Well, the moment finally came for me…

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