Words of a poet to help you through dark times

“We Were Made For These Times”

— Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Recently, “Brexit”, Trump, terrorist attacks have really sent me down the emotional rabbit hole. It felt like the world is truly going crazy. Then I came across these beautiful words of encouragement from a poet, which served like a great meditation session.

Well, if bigotry, stupidity, and racism are the big evils our generation have to fight against when we are not busy stopping environmental catastrophes, so be it. As ignorance, fear, anger and the tendency to blame other might be the shortcomings of the human kind since the dawn of time, then every generation of us are made for these times.

Enjoy the essay.

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Less is more: A touch of oriental wisdom- personal takeaway from Iclei Berlin Smart City 2.0 Conference:

The “Smart City 2.0” was a two day event filled with inspiring sustainable urban development stories from cities and districts all over the world. Among all the interesting, heart warming and “smart” presentations, the most thought-provoking to me is probably the one from the South Korean District, Jongno. They didn’t come with a tale about their achievement in waste management, smart technology implementation or ecosystem recovery like many other. Instead Jongno got everyone’s attention with this unique proposal: EMPTYING the city for better quality of life.

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