Storytelling for corporate sustainability

I recently explored a bit more into the corporate side of sustainability and was generally happy about the information I have come across so far. It seems that CSR is gaining momentum with large corporations in the lead.

“When faced with the science of climate change and transparency into corporate accountability in 2016, sustainability is simply part of doing business.”– Nancy Buzby

Even during my last visit home, friends and family who work in or know about the investment & finance field made me realize that the big companies in China are also starting to pay attention to sustainability. Not to be overly optimistic about it since sustainability&social responsibility still seems far from being the primary concerns for the Chinese society, at least one can feel happy about the signs of development.

CSR is quite a fascinating field for us “sustainability professionals”, for we have learned to recognized the power of large international corporations to have large positive/negative impact on the global/local environment. It would be quite a dream come true if we can get to a position to influence or even just to contribute to some of the key decisions.

I imagine it would be great to work for a while at the CSR office of a major company, to learn about what’s being done and to try to communicated its impact to a larger audience. Just came across Sustainable Brands’ article on story telling  this morning and found it quite fascinating…It once again all comes down to communication! Which is also the long term main purpose of my site, to give sustainability relevance for everyday life.

Now I am trying to get a student discount to be able to attend my first conference related to CSR: SB 16′ Copenhagen conference. I guess this is what I really miss about my time as an undergrad in the US. As a student, I had quite easy access to all kinds of fancy cell biology conferences. It’s usually free or really cheap for students, and my college sometimes even funded part of the travel expenses since I had a poster to present. As much as I love Europe, I did find attending interesting conferences a bit more challenging for a student budget…

Fingers crossed for this one!

Will be writing about my experience there if I do get to go!

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