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My evolving ideas on the purpose of the post is written here and as I keep exploring, learning by writing and thinking, I update this page periodically. 

What the website is for?

I write mostly about my reflections on the sustainability field, including academic research, corporate and government participation. Posts are under the categories “sustainability communication” and “sustainability thoughts”.

How to be an effective environmentalist

Mass Comm 101 for Environmentalists

What your IE professors didn’t tell you about CSR

Red meat tax: Pricing nature?

Sustainable Conference Hosting

Storytelling for corporate sustainability

Low carbon life style-PHD thesis

Nudge- vegetarian menu to be default

I also explore ways to promote a truly sustainable lifestyle (sustainable fashion and food) to a bigger audience. Under the category “Sustainable lifestyle”, I write about brands, recipes, ideas that I come across and my industrial ecologist’s view on them.

Practical ideas on reducing food waste

Low carbon life style-PHD thesis

Nudge- vegetarian menu to be default

In “my project”, I try to communicate my full time engagement (my master thesis work, internship projects and etc) and  side projects (communications work for organizations or business I like)

Chalmers students lighting up Tanzanian hospital operating rooms

Interview with “Superbee” (Eco-business based in Thailand), draft sent to Huffingtonpost

Interview with “Thrive”, an ethical fashion store based in Gothenburg

“Conference Journal” is my most prolific genre. I enjoy getting the latest news of the industry and real life encounters with sustainability professionals and stakeholders therefore I find ways to attend many different sustainability events ranging from small independent lectures to big conferences. I do my best to manage a write-up each time and sometimes blog for the organizers.

Activate Your Metrics: Lessons from Leaders on Leveraging Environmental Data for Sustainability

Circular Economy- Discussions at SB’16 Copenhagen

The King of Thailand has a message for you

Virtual Reality brings sustainable brand stories to life

Eccentrade Hackathon: IT meets sustainability

Circular Materials Conference #CircMatConf

8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns (下)

8th European Conference on Sustainable Cities & Towns (上)


“Opportunities” is a newly added section where I share information on sustainability conferences and jobs with my fellow young professionals in the field. Also see my Facebook page which serves the same function. 

“Personal growth” is about… well, personal growth.

Words of a poet to help you through dark times

Inspirational Women

Inspirational people

Other stories about #Bilbao2016

What makes a place home?

“Fixed vs. Growth”

Thesis (1)- How I found my topic


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