The self-paced “circular propeller” in Serbia

Milan Veselinov (2014-16 MINDer) made a decision years ago to take a break from the corporate world and learn how make business better – not just better for profit, but also for the people and the planet. Upon completing his master thesis which resulted in a circular economy roadmap for Serbia, he has been walking his talk and now a circular economy chief “change agent” in Serbia.

On Jump-starting the circular economy movement in Ecuador

Paulina Criollo studied Industrial Ecology at Leiden University and Delft University (the Netherlands) from 2014 to 2016. After finishing her master thesis, she went back to Ecuador with a mission in mind, that is to start off its journey towards circular economy.

A journey back to academia

Juana Camacho, PhD candidate in “user acceptance of circular resource efficient solutions” at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. This program is part of the Marie Curie Innovative Training Network funded by the European Commission, aiming to bring together and advance the research of 15 circular economy doctoral students from all over the world.

During our time in the MIND program, Juana has been a great source of inspiration for her ability to bring context and meaning to the theories we were studying due to her rich work experience across the NGO, research, and governmental sectors. Here is the story of her journey back to academia…

Reframing “Circular Economy” in PRC

I have to take a deep breath entering a conversation about my work life so far, which actually has only started a year ago when I got my dream job and moved back to PRC.

How to be an environmentalist at home, the land of plastic dragons #1 【Starting with a “bang”】

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Vegan recipes for lazy people

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Activate Your Metrics: Lessons from Leaders on Leveraging Environmental Data for Sustainability

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No more plastic wraps in your kitchen! 

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Glamour of the startup world and death of the Great Barrier Reef

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Circular Economy- Discussions at SB’16 Copenhagen

It wouldn’t have been a true conference on sustainability if “Circular Economy” didn’t make it as a major session. Last day of the event, a few companies moving towards the CE vision presented at… Continue reading