A blog about my inspirations and thoughts on advancing the sustainability movement

My Story

Start from the beginning…


Left home country China at 18 for a University education where I can freely explore my academic and professional interests.


What did I do in those 4 years besides hopping around continents, doing cell biology research and studying natural science, social science, arts and philosophy?


Finding a professional field to commit to hasn’t been straightforward. I was determined and have been striving for a career in medicine until I realized that there is something else that I just couldn’t walk away from.


To stop our society from exploiting nature and mindlessly wasting natural resources


And it has been one of my happiest moments to be accepted to the Erasmus Mundus Master Program of Industrial Ecology.

And I moved to Europe for more education…


Amazing curriculum at prestigious Universities with passionate like-minded people.


Learning exactly what I have been longing for…



Sustainability, a new, exciting and extremely broad field…

My interests are in Biochar, Circular Economy, Sustainable Urbanization, Sustainable development, Geothermal Energy, Life Cycle Assessment, Systems Thinking… The list goes on.

Again, time to narrow it down…


“In what area can I make the most impact for people, planet and profit?”


So I started this blog in attempt to keep a good record of my process of doing this thesis research that I am so passionate about, as well as of my professional path from now (an almost graduate)

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